What does the Slim Boost Vega do to your body?

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What does the Slim Boost Vega do to your body?

What does the Slim Boost Vega do to your body?

A proprietary formula packed full of beneficial and natural ingredients. The product not only works on weight loss and fat burning, but also at difficult moments during weight loss such as sugar dips, hunger, headaches, etc.

Losing weight is often not easy and not every body is made to actually lose weight without some help. The Slim Boost has been specially developed with ingredients that are closest to the body's own substances. This will keep your body from fighting it too hard.

Losing weight without hunger .. it seems like a dream. With the Slim Boost Vega that is simply possible, we even sometimes hear from customers, ¨Do I really have to eat after that shake?¨

YES! Our body is made to process solid food, it keeps your engine going and ensures a natural process. What the Slim Boost Vega does is actually give your body a natural stomach reduction. Because of the Matcha and Konjac extracts, the shake expands in your stomach, so you can leave that extra plate for a while. If you eat too much, you will get the same symptoms after you actually had a stomach reduction. Nausea or even vomiting. You really let that extra go.

The Slim Boost Vega also gives your body a detox and ensures a healthy intestinal flora (very good for some skin problems and low resistance), which means that all your toxins in your body are removed in a natural way. This is not always nice, but it is certainly necessary to bring the body into balance and thus really lose weight. Toxins in your body (which you unconsciously ingest for all kinds of reasons and food) can stop the entire waste process.

The ceylon cinnamon extracts in turn ensure that your sugar level stays nicely aligned. That means you will NOT get any sugar dip! With the Slim Boost Vega you therefore have much less or even no appetite for sweets. Ideal right?

The Slim also has many advantages on some health complaints, many people have already been helped from experience, not only with losing weight, but also with their diabetes, rheumatism, arthrosis, intestinal flora, Psoriasis, etc. because it contains so many more natural, healthy ingredients.

I don't get enough in this way, I eat 70% less!

Don't worry .. You will get everything you need, because your body does not need 3 plates of food or 5 cans of soda. In addition, the Slim Boost Vega ensures that you get all the nutrients you need. Especially in combination with the Beauty Boost. This power drink ensures that digestion is stimulated, the intestinal flora remains healthy, the skin, hair and nails are taken care of during weight loss and takes care of all muscles, bones, brain and even the hormone system. This is therefore an ideal combination to start losing weight and optimize your health. Full of antioxidants, so also very good for the natural resistance.

How much will your pocket lose weight? That is different for everyone, because every body reacts differently, one loses 1 kg per week and another 0.5 kg and another loses only in cm's. Little do you say? Certainly not, because the slower and more gradually you lose weight, the further away your yo-yo effect will run away!

So no yo-yo effect (provided you start to stretch your stomach considerably and you stuff yourself after hard work) if you slowly reduce and then stop, your body will not give a kick if you just eat normally as you did during the cure.

No hunger, just normal food, no meal replacements, optimal health benefits, easy, healthy and certainly no heavy diets to adjust, if you just eat normal (varied) food, there is nothing wrong.


Source: Neovital Nutrition