Audelia ultrasonic diffuser

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This ultrasonic Audelia diffuser generates a pleasant atmosphere with wonderful scents as it diffuses the essential oil through a delicate and calming mist. The Audelia is a very quiet diffuser, made of bamboo with forged metal.

The Audelia spreads the fragrance very effectively and is very easy to use. You just need to apply light pressure on the hood to mist the essential oils in a soft mist. The Audelia also has beautiful lighting effects, which you can of course turn off if you don't like that.

Efficient and intuitive to use.


The Audelia ultrasonic diffuser has no visible button on the front panel, just press the diffuser and let the magic begin.

Successive presses will offer different modes

 1st press: mist diffusion + changing color light

 2nd edition: mist diffusion + the light remains on the last appeared color

 3rd edition: mist diffusion without light

 4th press: the device turns off (no mist nor light)

Practical: a water level sensor ensures that the diffusion stops automatically when the water tank is empty.


Suitable for rooms up to 50 m2

Very suitable for misting essential oils

 Material: Wood and Metal

 Dimensions: H 13.7 cm, Diameter 12.5 cm

 Weight: 470 grams

 CE certificate