Bamboo Holder with Washable Cotton Pads

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12 Reusable cotton pads and 4 scrub pads for stubborn makeup in a beautiful bamboo holder.

- 16 washable cotton pads:  12x velvet, 4x scrub
- With finger notches for easy grip and extra pressure for better cleaning.
premium quality fabric and therefore zero waste and environmentally friendly
- 4 layers of fabric, stitched together so that the layers do not slide over each other during use
- With durable bamboo holder
- With laundry bag to store and machine wash your used discs.
- Biodegradable packaging

Tips for use:
First wet the cotton pads under the tap, wring them out and then put product on them. That way, the discs absorb your cleaner better and you have to use less product.

Washable at 40 to 60 °
Lay the slices flat to dry to help them retain their shape. Preferably do not put them in the drying cabinet.


100% Bamboo holder
4 exfoliating discs
80% Bamboo, 20% Cotton
12 soft velvet cotton pads for daily use.
60% Bamboo, 20% Cotton, 20% Polyester
100% cotton laundry bag