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This powerful Beauty Boost gives the body exactly what it needs. This Beauty drink is in powder form and is ideal to use to replenish shortages. It has a fresh raspberry / berry flavor and it is best to drink the Beauty Boost during or after breakfast.

The natural ingredients give your skin, hair and nails an optimal boost. It fades fine lines / wrinkles, it ensures less hair loss and the nails look healthier again. It also ensures a faster recovery of the entire muscular system, flexible muscles and joints and the surrounding cells. It slows down the aging process and helps keep the brain healthy.

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The Beauty Boost Vegan contains high-quality natural ingredients, including:
Collagen, Magnesium, Hyaluron, Active C, Beautyblend B, Aquamin, Amino Acids, Pepperine,..

The Uptake Boost is also in the Beauty Boost Vegan and it contributes to a good energy supply in the body and can help reduce fatigue. It helps to ensure that more oxygen can be bound to red blood cells and gets released again. It also regulates the activity of hormones in a natural way.

The Beauty Boost is also very suitable as a sports drink for intensive athletes. Partly due to the high concentrates of Amino Acids, Pepperine, Magnesium and other high-quality ingredients, the Beauty Boost gives the body a serious Boost.

It repairs the muscles faster and it helps with muscle building and keeps the body healthy. The Beauty Boost is completely Vegan and natural. The products Beauty Boost Vegan, Slim Boost Vegan and D3 Vega Extra Strong can be used together and provide an optimal boost to your body and mind.