Dark circle defence

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Specially developed for men.

The XY Made Dark circle defense has been specially developed to reduce dark circles under the eyes. Many men have the latter of these. If you're not tired, you don't want to look tired. Get rid of those dark and dull circles under your eyes!

Our products are vegan and contain many natural ingredients.

Men often suffer from dry skin, which is why we use Hydropom (tomato extract) in all products, which ensures perfect hydration of the skin.

for which:

Reduced dark circles under the eyes and skin fatigue.

Main ingredients:

HydroPom – Hydrates

Vitamin C – Collagen Stimulation

Ascorbyl Palmitate – Smooth out fine lines

Extra information:

Content: 50 ML

Material: plastic

Type: dispenser

Operating time: 2 months

Bottled: Bologna, Italy