Essential oil - grapefruit

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Organic essential oil of grapefruit obtained by cold pressing the peel. Grapefruit is a composition of grapefruit and sweet orange. These are mainly grown in subtropical areas. The grapefruit essential oil has a warm, fruity and distinctly bittersweet note. Due to its characteristic scent, it is often used in aromatherapy where it has a stress-reducing and concentration-promoting effect.

This essential oil is also widely used in skin care products because of its antiseptic effect and because it promotes blood circulation. Grapefruit is very suitable for impure skin, cellulite & tired legs.

This fragrance pairs very well with lavender and rosemary essential oils.

Never use essential oil purely on the skin and only externally. Always dilute in a carrier oil such as jojoba, sweet almond or rose hip. General guideline for concentration of essential oil in formulas used for aromatherapy or on the skin is 0% to a maximum of 3%.


  •     Fresh and fruity cheerful scent
  • Helps to concentrate better
  • Reduces stress
  • Ideal in products for cellulite and blemished skin
  • Improves your focus and has a relaxing effect
  • Ideal for making products that make you dream of summer temperatures