Kaolia ultrasonic diffuser

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With a design inspired by Japanese Zen gardens, the Kaolia spreads your essential oils in a delicate fragrance mist and comes to life with a pleasant light atmosphere with changing colors, which gives the final Zen touch to this irresistible and authentic diffuser. The openwork grille and the light wood fit perfectly into your interior and give it a zen touch.


- The buttons of this Kaolia Zen ultrasonic diffuser are nicely incorporated into the wooden frame

- Great for nebulizing essential oils

The Kaolia Zen ultrasonic diffuser offers two diffusion intensities:

 - A continuous diffusion for the diffusion of essential oils in rooms with a strong air flow

 – An intermittent diffusion every 10 seconds to avoid saturating the ambient air.

- A water level sensor ensures that the diffusion stops when the water tank is empty.

Suitable for rooms up to 30 m2

 Material: wood and plastic

 Dimensions: H 7 cm, W 14 cm, D 14.5 cm

 Water tank content: 90 ml

 CE certificate


Lift the lid and fill the reservoir with max 90 ml of water.

 Add 8-12 drops of essential oil.