Korento Age Defying Serum Foundation

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The unique, all-natural and intensively hydrating liquid Korento Age Defying Serum Foundation helps to smooth out textured, fine lines rough skin - while still leaving a light feel on the face. Use for natural looking satin skin.

The nourishing ingredients provide a clear complexion and a healthy glow. Only a small amount is needed to smooth out imperfections in the skin. Serum foundation with added Berry Active Complex ™ is the perfect bile pal that helps you get that coveted natural glow. It makes your skin glow - from within The ultra-thin formula acts like a BB serum, while the product intensively moisturizes and repairs the skin's surface Light-reflecting pigments create a radiant youthful glow and even out the complexion.

- This sustainable make-up product is made with respect for the environment and the packaging is fully recyclable.
- Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and mature skin.
- From light to medium coverage
_ Content 30 ml, compact composition lasts a long time up to 100-120 times

High-quality, vitamin and antioxidant rich ingredients form the basis of this Age Defying Serum Foundation. Every ingredient used is certified and follows green beauty standards. This serum foundation is infused with Korento Berry Active Complex ™. This contains arctic berries that are antioxidant and vitamin rich.

Cool 01 For light skin with cool undertone.
Cool 02 For medium light skin with cool undertone.
Warm 01 For light skin with a warm undertone.
Warm 02 For medium light skin with warm undertone.

How to use the Korento Age Defying Serum Foundation
SHAKE BEFORE USE. Apply a few drops in a circular motion to cleansed, hydrated skin. You will get the best result if you apply the product with a brush or with clean fingers.

Do you want a matte make-up look? Then combine the Age Defying Serum Foundation with the Korento Botanical Setting Powder.

Glass packaging and the dripper can be recycled with glass. The cap can be recycled with plastic (PE-LD 4 plastic, Our plastic is always 100% BPA free).