Korento Botanical Setting Powder

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The fully organic Korento Botanical Setting Powder provides a matte, smooth make-up look that stays in place all day long. The transparent setting powder is easy to apply. Due to its fine texture, the powder spreads effortlessly for a smooth finish - and prevents oily skin.

- 100% organic finishing powder for setting your make-up
- A light, breathable composition does not dry out the skin or clog the skin pores
- Suitable for all skin tones and skin types, also suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.
- Korento Botanical Setting Powder is transparent and colorless
- This sustainable make-up product is made with respect for the environment and the packaging is completely plastic-free
- Suitable for all skin types.
- Transparent finish
- Content 10 gr, compact composition lasts a long time up to 100-150 times

Finely ground all-organic setting powder is perfect for any make-up look. Reduces oiliness and makes make-up look natural.

How to use the Korento Botanical Setting Powder
Apply a small amount to the face in a circular motion after the natural make-up or foundation. For a matte look that stays beautiful all day long. Repeat until desired result.

Korento Botanical Setting Powder works perfectly in combination with Korento Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation or Korento Age Defying Serum Foundation. Use on eyelids before applying eyeshadow to remove oiliness from the skin.

Tip! If you don't want to use foundation or mineral make-up, you can also create a smooth finished look with the Korento Soft Velvet Primer. You have to dab it over the setting powder.

The settings powder packaging can be recycled with paper. FSC certified.