Korento Perfecting Mineral Base

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Light, breathable and completely natural make-up that can become an opaque, velvety base.

The pigment-rich, fine Korento Perfecting Mineral Base is easy and even to apply to the skin. Smoothes out the complexion and eliminates redness and imperfections.

This perfect mineral feels like a second skin! Fine all-natural make-up powder with light-reflecting mineral pigments, which create a natural glow on the skin Added vegetable lecithin stabilizes the skin's protective functions and regenerates its structure A light, breathable composition that does not dry out and does not clog pores.

- This sustainable make-up product is made with respect for the environment and the packaging is fully recyclable.
- Suitable for all skin types.
- From medium to full coverage
- Content 10 gr, compact composition lasts a long time up to 100-150 times

Korento Perfecting Mineral Base is a fragrance-free natural make-up powder that suits the needs of every skin type - even the most sensitive atopic skin and oily, acne-prone skin.

How to use the Korento Perfecting Mineral Base
Always use a moisturizing product before applying makeup to your skin. Especially if your skin is sensitive to dehydration. For example, use Hyaluron & Probiotics Serum or Korento Soft Velvet Primer. Leave the moisturizer on before applying the make-up. Shake some mineral powder into the lid. Apply in circular motions with a kabuki brush. The smallest amount is enough to achieve a natural, even complexion. With this powder base, a light to full coverage can be created by applying several thin layers.

The Perfecting Mineral Base packaging can be recycled with paper. FSC certified