Korento Soft Velvet Primer

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The internationally awarded Kortento Soft Velvet Primer is completely natural and perfects the texture of your skin. This helps neutralize the skin's tone for a professional, long-lasting makeup look.

The Soft Velvet Primer is easy to spread, makes large pores less visible and is the perfect base for applying foundation for an even complexion.

- Natural primer with added Berry Active Complex ™ provides an even complexion, a matte effect and ensures that your make-up lasts for a long time.
- Skin-nourishing Korento Soft Velvet Primer moisturizes the skin throughout the day - Just two drops of product is enough to get smooth, even results
- This sustainable make-up product is made with respect for the environment and the packaging is completely plastic-free
- Suitable for all skin types
- Content 30ml, compact composition lasts a long time up to 100-150 times

High-quality, vitamin and antioxidant-rich ingredients form the basis of Korento Soft Velvet Primer. Every ingredient used is certified and follows green beauty standards. This natural primer is infused with Korento Berry Active Complex ™. This contains arctic berries that are antioxidant and vitamin rich.

How to use the Korento Soft Velvet Primer
SHAKE BEFORE USE. Apply a few drops in circular motions to cleansed and hydrated skin. You will get the best result if you apply the product with a brush or with clean fingers. Let it dry for a while and use your favorite natural make-up base to complete your look.

Don't want to use foundation?
Create a natural, finished and smooth appearance with the Soft Velvet Primer and dab on the Korento Botanical Setting Powder.