Korento Vitamin Infused Lip & Cheek Tint

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The all-natural, pigment-rich cream provides a flush on the cheeks and beautiful lips. It is a true miracle product! Korento Vitamin Infused Lip & Cheek tint is easy and quick to apply. Apply evenly for a seamless makeup look. The added ingredients nourish the skin and lips.

- The Vitamin Infused Lip & Cheek with added Berry Active Complex ™ gives a natural color to the lips and cheeks
- The soft, creamy formula is very easy and quick to apply. The perfect multi-use product that fits in every woman's handbag
- This sustainable make-up product is made with respect for the environment and the packaging is completely plastic-free Suitable for all skin types.
- Medium to full coverage
- Content 5ml, compact composition lasts a long time, up to 150-200 times

High-quality, vitamin and antioxidant-rich ingredients form the basis of the Korento Vitamin Infused Lip & Cheek tint. Every ingredient used is certified and follows green beauty standards. This natural make-up product is infused with Korento Berry Active Complex ™. This contains arctic berries that are antioxidant and vitamin rich.

Cranberry Cool, Intense toned red
Raspberry Cool, soft berry color
Poppy Warm, Bright red
Rosehip Warm, slightly muted rose red

Vegan Shades
Heather Cool, soft, light brown
Cloudberry Warm, brown, nude

How to use the Korento Vitamin Infused Lip & Cheek tint
Heat a small amount of Lip & Cheek tint and apply with clean fingers, brush or make-up sponge. For cheeks; Pat and massage into cheeks for an even blush. You can use Korento Botanical Finishing Powder to set the lip tone or mattify the color. Try Lip & Cheek Tint for your eyelids as an eyeshadow, use the botanical setting powder underneath.

The Lip & Cheek packaging can be recycled with paper. FSC certified.