Lavender Floral Water Facial Mist

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The gentle organic lavender water toner has a calming effect and ensures skin rejuvenation. Lavender is known for its soothing effect on both skin and mind. The versatile Lavender Face Mist is a valuable by-product of lavender oil, which can also be used as a moisturizing spray for the face. Like essential oils, lavender oil also contains active ingredients that nourish and soothe the skin.

  • Lavender water toner is suitable for all skin types, but especially good for oily skin and to treat and prevent acne, psoriasis and itchy skin
  • Acts as a moisturizing facial spray to firm the skin and reduce excess sebum production
  • The active components in the lavender plant treat various skin problems and make the skin glow
  • Multipurpose, alcohol-free and organic lavender water toner provides the holistic benefits to skin care.
  • Content 100ml, lasts a long time, up to 120-150 times 

How to use the Lavender Face Mist

Lavender water toner is suitable for all skin types; it is even mild enough for children's skin.

As a moisturizing spray for the face; Spray the Lavender Face mist on a clean face and décolleté to experience all the moisturizing effects of the spray on your skin. The fine spray tip distributes the product evenly over the skin.

For cleaning light make-up; spray the product on the face and wipe it thoroughly with a muslin cloth.

As a nourishing and cooling spray for burnt skin; lavender water soothes and cools burned skin - keep the spray in the fridge for a cooling effect.

As a hair spray to treat the scalp and hair; Spray Lavenderwater Face Mist on a clean scalp, enhance the soothing effect with a gentle scalp massage.

As a setting spray for mineral makeup; Complete your mineral make-up routine and spray on a little face mist to enjoy smooth make-up for longer. Apply the spray at arm's length. Lavender water toner helps to unwind at the end of the day and can help you fall asleep.

Combine with DETOX - Tea Tree & Charcoal Facial Cleanser.

The bottle is packed in a cardboard box, which can be put in the paper bin. The glass bottle is allowed in the glass container. The plastic cap can be disposed of with the plastic waste (100% recyclable and BPA-free).

Lavender *, Radish Root Ferment Filtrate (Antimicrobial) **

* Wild grown or certified organic ingredient
** Ecocert or COSMOS approved ingredient