My perfect brow pencil

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My perfect brow pencil is the perfect eyebrow pencil for giving more definition and shape to the eyebrows. Also ideal for filling in empty spots in the eyebrow. Thanks to the ultra-thin precise tip, you can draw a very tight line under the eyebrow. The pencil is also perfect for drawing thin hair, make short upward movements to mimic the effect of eyebrow hairs.

To blur the pencil you can use the eyebrow brush on the back of the pencil. With this pencil it is easy to draw natural full eyebrows, the pencil can easily be turned upwards and does not need to be sharpened, ideal! The colors are completely in tune with the present, the red tones have been left out, creating beautiful ashy colors that suit every eyebrow.

no. 02 ash blonde, the perfect color for all blonde ladies.
no. 06 ash brown, for all blonde (who like slightly dark eyebrows) and dark ladies the perfect pencil, this pencil really suits every hair color.