Red clay cleanser

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Specially developed for men.

Regular soap can dry out your skin, upset the pH balance and cause serious damage. The XY Made Red clay cleanser safely and effectively removes the oils, daily dirt and dirt accumulation.

Our products are vegan and contain many natural ingredients.

Men often suffer from dry skin, which is why we use the ingredient Hydropom (tomato extract) in all products, which ensures perfect hydration of the skin.

for which:

Cleans optimally and removes oil and dirt from the skin.

Main ingredients:


Hydrates and protects against UV rays

Vitamin B (Panthenol)

Protects and stimulates wound healing

Red Beraclay

Removes impurities and controls sebum secretion

Punica Granatum Extract

Stimulates collagen production

Extra information:

Content: 50 ML

Material: PET 1

Type: dispenser

Duration of use: 10 weeks

Bottled: Bologna, Italy