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Slim Boost Vega, the ideal weight loss and health optimization shake that provides natural stomach reduction, sugar levels and a reduction in fat absorption in the body without replacing a meal. This shake also provides relief against a number of conditions.

With a delicious taste of tropical fruits.


Slim Boost is a powdered product with a delicious taste of Tropical Fruits (white), specially developed for weight loss, weight control, detox, optimization of the intestinal flora or the optimization of health, such as diabetes, cholesterol and intestinal problems. This shake gives you, as it were, a natural stomach reduction when used for weight loss! So get rid of the yo-yo effect! No meal replacements, no hunger, no heavy diet, no sugar dips!

It stabilizes your sugar level, lowers cholesterol and ensures a healthy intestinal flora.

You drink this shake every day before a meal (when losing weight), so you can continue to eat (in a responsible way). Slim Boost Vega ensures that you lose weight in a natural way. It reduces the feeling of hunger, the absorption of fats, carbohydrates are absorbed slowly and to a lesser extent in the body and it reduces the appetite for sweet and salty. When the ideal weight is reached, the Slim Boost Vega is your weight management partner.

The Slim Boost Vega is also perfect for maintaining your overall health, the shake is also very suitable for diabetes, with high cholesterol, a boost on the resistance and care of the skin from within.

Tip: Use a shaker cup to mix the powder well and without lumps. PLEASE NOTE, our Slim Boost Vega will be getting a new flavor soon!

The Slim Boost works differently for everyone, which is why we have set out some guidelines for you to optimize use.


What can I use the Slim Boost Vega for?

Our Slim Boost Vega is a product with a unique formula of pure ingredients and is not only suitable as a powerful slimming aid, but also a powerful vitamin booster that can provide relief from certain conditions such as;

-Increased cholesterol
-Diabetes and diabetes
-Asthma and COPD
-Gut problems
-Heart and vessels
-Energy shortage
-Building the resistance

Not to be used with

Do not use the Slim Boost Vegan in the following situations:

- In case of hypersensitivity or allergy to one of the ingredients
- During pregnancy or when you want to become pregnant. Ask your doctor for advice before using this medicine.
- Children under 18 years old.
- Use of other weight loss products


Vitamins & Minerals Per / Pro / Par 10 gr% RDA *
OptiChroom Chromium Pic. 1000 mcg 2500%
* RDA - Recommended Dietary Allowance

Nutritional facts / nutritional values ​​/ Nahrwert / valeur nutritive / valores nutricionalees / valori nutrizionali:
Per / Pro / Par / Por 10gr
Energy / Energie / Energia 7.7 kcal 32 Kj
Total Fat / Vet / Fett / Lipids / Grasa / Grassi 0 g
Saturated fatty acids / Saturated fatty acids Sattigte Fettsauren / Acides gras saturés / Acidi grassi saturi / Acidos grasos saturados 0 g
Carbohydrates / Carbohydrates / Kohlenhydrate / Glucides / Carbohidratos / Carboidrati 0.2 g
Sugar / Sugar / Zucker / Zucchero / Azucar / Sucre 0.1 g
Dietary Fiber / Dietary fiber / Ballast material Fibers / Fibra / Fiber 5.1 g
Protein / Protein / Eiweis / Proteins / Proteina 0.9 g
Salt / Zout / Salz / Sale / Sel / Sal 0.03 g

ACTIVE FIBREBLEND (Polydextrose), Innulin, Konjac Glucomannan 1000mg / Serving ACTIVE GREEN + (Green Tea leave extract, Matcha tea extract), Silicon dioxide, POWER + (L-Tyrosine, L Phenylalanine) INSULIN + (Ceylon cinnamon extract (bark bark), OPTICHROOM Chromium Picolinate) VITABERRY FRUIT BLEND (Organic Apple / Apple ext., Organic Strawberry / Strawberry ext., Organic Tart Cherry / Cherry ext., Organic Blackberry / Black Berry ext., Organic Blue Berry / Blue Berry ext., Organic Raspberry / Raspberry ext. ., Organic Rice / Rice ext., Aroma Blend, Sweetener / Susstof / Edulcorante / Sweetener / (Sucralose, Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract), natural colorants / Farbstoffe / coloranti / colorants / colorant / colorant (B Carotene), Citrid acid / Citric acid / Zitronesaure / acido citric, Sodium / Sodium chloride

AND - * RDA = Recommended / Dietary / Allowance
DE - * RDA = Empfohlene Nahrungsaufnahme
IT - * RDA = Dose giornaliera raccomandata
NL - * RDA = Recommended daily amount
ES - * RDA = Santidad diaria recomendada
FR - * RDA = Apport nutritionnel recommandé

Food supplements are no substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Neovital is not liable for the incorrect result. Neovital is also not liable for any health risks and use of our products is also entirely at your own risk. When in doubt about using our products, Neovital always recommends that you consult a doctor before using.

Slim Boost Vegan is a dietary supplement for weight loss and weight control that we have compiled with the greatest care. Food supplements are not a substitute for a complete diet. These instructions for use are not intended to replace the advice of the general practitioner.