White Opal facial roller

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White Opal is considered a lucky stone that helps to make dreams and wishes come true and turn negative energy into positive energy. White Opal is a stone that promotes optimism, enthusiasm and creativity.

This tool can be used alone or in combination with facial masks, serums, moisturisers and facial oils for better absorption of the product. Regular massages promote blood circulation and improve oxygen supply to the skin, improving elasticity, skin tone and collagen production.

How to use?

This roller is both easy to use and super smooth on the skin. Gentle, constant pressure is all it takes! Lightly grasp the roll near the brass section at both ends as shown. Keep your wrist close to your face when using this device; you don't have to press hard or roll quickly to feel relief. Can be used daily, morning and evening.

Pro tip: Rollers can be heated by hand before use or placed in the refrigerator a few minutes before rolling for an extra cooling effect. Breathes new life into your painful and / or tired face.